Akbaşoğlu Shipping  Group  started operating in 1972, with Akbaşoğlu Petrol Nakliyat Ltd. Şti founded by Mr. Ali Kemal Akbaşoğlu. 

The main purpose of the company at the time was to carry oil, paint and other chemical products for the factories and producers in the European side of Istanbul. Back then, our firm satisfied these needs, with 4 tanker trucks always situated in the European side and 4 other tanker trucks situated in the Asian side. In addition to the tanker trucks, the company owned one 100 dwt tanker, M/T Akbaşoğlu 1 and another 60 dwt tanker, M/T Akbaşoğlu 2.
In 1986, our founder Mr. Ali Kemal Akbaşoğlu decided to retire and leave the company to his 2 sons, Mr. Emin Akbaşoğlu and Mr. Necmi Metin Akbaşoğlu. Later that year, the 2 sons in charge sold all the tanker trucks and chose to invest in vessels only. This decision was the end of an era. 

In 1987, Ka Denizcilik  was established. M/T Kemal Akbaşoğlu, the 450 dwt tanker, was the first new building tanker of the company. She also went down in history as the first ever tanker to trade outside of Turkey for the company. As an answer to the ever-growing  demand, we have built two more vessels at that time. 

Expanding domestically and globally, our firm purchased the first double hulled stainless  steel tanker in 1992. This milestone, was a strategic decision, in order to carry more sophisticated products, hence enriching our product portfolio. 

The year 1993 was an exceptional year, because of the acquisition of a 3.500 dwt dry Cargo vessel, which was marked as another milestone in our history. With the newly  acquired vessel, Akbasoglu  Shipping Group continued its expansion by entering the Dry Market as well.  

We have closely watched the technological developments and the rigorous changes in the international rules while working with the oil and chemical majors all around the World. In year 2000, the company changed its strategy, and decided to sell all the vessel it owned and start building modern, sophisticated vessels in order to satisfy the technological and environmental requirements. 

Between 2000 and 2008, Akbasoglu Shipping Group has built 10 vessels. The company has foreseen  the global crisis and its potential impacts on the Shipping sector, and decided to stop ordering new vessel right before the crisis. With a shift in strategy, instead of ordering new vessels, the firm decided to purchase second hand vessels, if the demand were to increase.

We have purchased two more vessels in 2015, while the whole Shipping industry still strongly feels the crisis. The 6200 dwt ‘sister vessels’ M/T Metin Ka and M/T  Zeynep Ka has joined the fleet and operates in different ports all around the World, carrying the Akbasoglu Shipping Group name.